Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Positive attitude helps us to thrive better in the society and helps us to create a bond with the universe as a whole. The whole world is just a reflection of God's infinite LOVE towards us gifted by His Grace.

KINDNESS is the life giving water for growth. Often this expression "kindness" is misunderstood.

Kindness has its basis in the acknowledgment of our own real qualities, and those of the others.
When we are good to our-self, and in unison and in harmony with our own self , we realize our true, high positive nature, or the confidence to create this through our thoughts and through the transformation of Consciousness, then we also develop love and respect for our own Self.

We shall conduct ourselves to much wisdom and kindness without pressure or constraint. Within us lies the infinite power, tenderness and strength to emerge from the deep confidence in our own greatness. This means that we change all our negative thoughts into positive pure ones, which takes us because nothing pure or great can never emerge from IMPURITY.
Expressed in other words, a tender, loving powerful personality can never arise if we force ourselves compulsion or with the pressure of ambition.

Confidence based on realization and the resulting LOVE and kindness are the strongest forces that ensure our progress and perfection. Once we have this clear picture of our perfection of our highest form before us, we must develop in that direction accordingly.

THOUGHTS ARE CREATORS. What we think about our self, what we deeply imprint in our conscious and do become the same.

The ambitious do not really know who they are or what their own true qualities are hence ambition is a spiritual suicide. Therefore, we are what we think so and do not have to prove that to our self or to others because that would mean EGO.

The ambitious one wants to prove to himself and to others, that he is a good man. He has no clear notion about his real identity. He, therefore remains constantly under tension and becomes inwardly hollow and powerless.

Tension, stress of performance and ambition are forces which pull us down. Even when we achieve success under stress, this does not mean we could not have done so or would have achieved less without tension. Oh! on the contrary, if we are relaxed and calm within, and have our goal clear in front of us, we shall also reach the same with a great deal of power, dynamism and with ease be inwardly or outwardly successful.

Healthy ambition is that which is combined with a clear objective attitude and activity, as well as enthusiasm and dynamism. Ambition just to prove one's might and knowledge to the world... just to satisfy one's EGO is again SPIRITUAL SUICIDE and will lead one to psychological problems too. However, ambition is generally brought with tension and worry. Psychosomatic illness are the result.

These people feel overwhelmed by their responsibility and are so involved that they are unable to fulfill their duties with ease, DETACHMENT and inner power. When one is capable of delivering his duties with detachment only then he gains the inner peace and realizes the sense of inner satisfaction.

Ambitions which when wrongly nourished with a sense of PRIDE are forms of high efficiency tensions are like stabbings into ourselves.
Such ambitions makes us hollow and robs us of more of our strength. In order to reduce this feeling we must have the experience of our real quality through Consciousness training.

We should not be out to prove to ourselves th
at we are good, and should consider mistakes as obstacles which we can overcome. In this way we can develop inner strength.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


"Those, who adhere to discipline, are always free from hard work". It is here that we realize the divine in us.

This is a saying, the truth of which is specially noticeable in matters of spiritual development. Power is wasted only when in thought and action we go into unnecessary, and wrong directions. Our normal work, even when under heavy strain consumes only about twenty percent of our strength.

What robs us of 80 percent of our energy are the useless or negative thoughts and actions. We can learn to make our life easier and more meaningful if we maintain our direction with discipline and constant attention. This requires a daily time-table of certain exercises.

In the morning and in the evening a consciousness training for about half an hour with the following thoughts; "
I am an embodiment of energy, a soul, and everybody who meets me is also a soul, I remain free of all obstacles in the mind". Such thoughts give us a deeper understanding of ourself and consequently we take ourselves seriously and treat ourselves as a good friend and advisor.

It is important that throughout the day, every two hours or so, we check our present condition and follow this up with a few minutes of deep soul consciousness-training. Such checking prevents us from a subtle, creeping aimless decline and puts us back on the correct course.

Exercise to ensure our right mental approach before every important and an intensive soul-conscious state as often as possible gives us greater strength. In addition, the radiation of our high vibrations also has its impact on others.

Whoever becomes an embodiment of such consciousness, is at the same time the embodiment of spiritual powers. A constant, powerful stage of consciousness is a pre-requisite for the ability to judge clearly and to differentiate, in order to arrive at the right decision.

During the course of all these endeavors we should see that we are at ease and kind to ourselves. There will always be disturbances but these are chances for us to learn and are indicators on the path. If we learn to conduct ourselves with such clarity, discipline and greatness i.e. to conduct ourselves properly, then we can also guide others. Self-guidance is the pre-requisite for successful leadership qualities in enterprise.

Friday, August 28, 2009


As humans on Earth we all face certain difficulties in life and have strained relationships with people at home, work place, with our social circle. How shall we overcome the stress and at the same time accept the situations we cannot change and yet cherish life sharing the joy of creation and gain mutual love and affection ?

In reality it is never the circumstances, the problems or obstacles which weigh us down, but our own thoughts, our attitude to the problems. Two similar persons in a similar situation, face the same obstacles but each one in a very different way, depending on their personal attitude.

Therefore, to overcome obstacles easily and to solve problems in a simple manner, it is important to adopt an attitude that corresponds to the reality, an attitude which enables us to see the solution and not the problem. It is the lack of perception of reality, which weights heavily on us, the feeling, that something is happening, something happened to me, which should not have, it is unjust.

In fact we have expected something and in reality something else as taken place. We expect that other people to be friendly towards us should be always co-operative and that too in a way, we like, this is quite unrealistic.

We should not feel disappointed if difficulties do arise because they are already predictable. How can we live in reality? How can we detach ourselves and overlook the greatest difficulties surrounding us, caused by the world around us? We can by constantly occupying the seat of an observer by watching the situations free from prefixed notions and can react to any eventuality with sovereign dignity.

At the level of the observer there are no difficulties or serious obstacles. We look upon things around us as in a big theoretical play, a drama. Every single person plays his roles perfectly in accordance to his might. This way I am able to understand clearly the actions of others and hence feel no hindrances, the solution will become apparent through observation alone.

In the concentrated consciousness, that - ' I am a soul', the level of mental vibrations increases thereby, also the ability of judgment and differentiation.

In this consciousness we also feel kindness towards all beings, on one hand we see them in their form of highest qualities, and also know what and why they act likewise.

It is here we should never allow ourselves to be influenced by others but try to help them who do not have knowledge of how to help themselves and render support to help them to find their stability again. Hence, through our own behavior and vibrations we are in a position to transmit stability and peace to others.

There is a law that negative thoughts are erased by positive and powerful thoughts. We therefore continue in this detached state of being an observer, then as a rule all actions will work towards positivity.

Speech alone does not help to ease our feelings with the other. What brings about the strongest transformation in our attitude, our good wishes, our strength- giving thoughts.We should regard all obstacles that we come across as a means to reach our goal. We are in truth spiritual beings, human soul, full of mental powers, which we have to simply re-discover and develop.

When we know ourselves as the embodiment of the the spiritual powers, difficult circumstances will look as slide-shows rather than burdens.

This is how Conscious training can help relieve the stress and strains in relationships and bring harmonies and mutual love, affection and care in our lives and to perceive the divine in us.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Man is Divine and he has the power to make things work positively but all this depends upon his spiritual power which is related to his contact with the God.

Nothing is unattainable for us, if only the spiritual power and ability were fully taken into account and duly made use of. It is our thinking, which determines how we feel and how we act.

Constant, daily practice, along with patience, kindness and discipline, are the necessary prerequisites for success. On what basis can we ascertain the progress of our spiritual development? Spiritual development though slow at the beginning is a continuous process, that produces a complete in life the ensures inner joy, contentment and happiness. Things which formerly made us angry and discontent bother us no longer, since we have changed our outlook on things. They do not have any power over us any more.

We react less skeptical, because we have become more appreciative, and at the same time have become more conscious of the reality.
We acquire a friendly attitude towards others and feel less separated from them. We have come closer, yet at the same time we have grown inwardly detached, that is, independent sovereign.These are indications of maturity. From these we can measure our own development. We must first learn to be patient and continue to practice spirituality courageously and with determination even if now and then disturbances occur.

Permanent lack of spiritual nourishment brings a slow spiritual death without any happiness in life, or inner satisfaction. However the knowledge of spiritual coherence alone is not sufficient.

Most of the so-called eleven heads, educated and well read, radiate a high degree of discontent, they have merely realized the intellectual connections, but have failed to absorb this knowledge fully.

Therefore, they cannot become the embodiment of knowledge, which expresses itself through high vibrations of thoughts which are deeply embedded in their consciousness like an unending great power force. Pure thoughts for the spirit are like healthy nourishment for the body.

Only through the process of soul-consciousness training and the inculcation of all our perceptions do we become the embodiment of knowledge and vibrate power and strengths.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The way to prosperous life free from all the hazels is dependence on the Divine and living in grace. Grace, as the word may look simple, yet has profound sense and power hidden in it.

Grace could mean -

"undeserved blessing freely bestowed on man by God" - (Hughes)

"love as exercised towards the inferior, dependent or unworthy" - (Hodge)

Grace alone can help a person rise to great heights both spiritually and materialistically. Live a simple life and love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly and you are beyond the horizon. Grace alone can save one from the cycle of birth and death and then paves way for eternity.

There are probably as many definitions of grace, yet one thread that runs through all of them is simply that Grace is what God does for us, in us, with us, and through us. Grace is an activity of God motivated by His Love alone and not through our merits, accepted by the receiver through the eyes of faith, and there is no scientific theory to it. Grace has to be experienced by one to taste the Love of God.

Grace is the nature of Divine. In common we equate grace to kindness. To communicate grace is to be nice to people, especially when they aren’t particularly nice to you. Every definition will fall short to explain the term "Grace". We can say that we are saved by the grace of the Lord and being forgiven just because of his mercy.

Grace is never a condition, it is not we get because we deserve it for some of our merits. It is a free gift from the Almighty - a way he showers his immeasurable love for his creation though most of the times we do not walk in the path of righteousness. The knowledge of self-realization, to think deeply and take apt decision regarding one's life which is of utmost importance needs many spiritual ingredients.

God's grace is recognized as a key ingredient for deliverance. Faith and unconditional surrender alone will help us to receive Divine Grace. Whether it is meditation, prayer, introspection or self-assessment, the route used would depend on a person's temperament and inclination.
What is encouraging is that sincere steps taken on the spiritual path leads to progress that we might not even be aware of.

There are moments in life when even scientific advancement and scientist who need a proof ascribe to the role played by divine Grace, which in some cases operate throughout a person's life. Miracles and the powers of healing is a witness to this aspect.

The hand of Grace of God makes transformations in knowing the Truth and helps one to grow spiritually leading to self-realization. The intellect now perceives the truth in the light of the Self, through the eyes of knowledge and craves to know the Omnipotent force.

Grace alone can lead one and helps the soul realize the cause of creation. The path of devotion or inner reflection, conscious of the Cosmic Intelligence, the Absolute truth, leads one to receive grace.

Grace is a beautiful flower with golden petals made of mercy, love and gentleness all dipped in honey of the mother nature. Men of wisdom have always looked for grace of a higher power right from the time of Moses and Abraham of the Old Testament and throughout all ages.

The door to Grace unfolds when the mind is tuned in wonder, reverence and gratitude to the power of divine. An unique bond is created between the seeker and the Eternal force for he who longs for it receives in many folds.

Grace is the gift of Almighty to men of who seek him with all humility. A gift par excellence..... and been admired by many ... wanted by many ... yet all one needs to gain this is simple LOVE and devotion to GOD. Grace alone unwinds itself into Miracles.

Humility is the stepping stone to Grace. Things work in harmony when we care for each other rather than being selfish and distancing ourselves just because of our egoistic nature. The Divine power can neither be comprehended nor apprehended by the lower order of things. With all our righteousness, we are but filthy rags and when in the flesh, none are righteous.

The soul, as it rises above the body consciousness, shines forth in its pristine purity, rises into Cosmic flow and feels, as it were, the efflorescence of the microcosm into the macrocosm. It is this which is called the birth of the Spirit as distinguished from the birth of the flesh where are vices tend to crop up.

Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God - (John 3.3).

Except a man be born of a water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God (John 3:5).

The Absolute truth is the primal manifestation which comes in the form of Light and Sound, and it is for the Master Saint to give an experience by helping each soul rise above the sensory plane, if only for a short while. So long as a person does not transcend the sensual plane, he remains an utter stranger to the Life Divine.

The culminating point of the spiritual journey is the Kingdom of God, to which the spirit is gradually led by the radiant form of the Master. It is not something external, for all beauty and glory lie within the human soul. It is said that -

"The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation, the Kingdom of God is within you".

Man can be saved only by grace alone and not out of his own merits. It is a free gift for us, all we need to do is to recognize its importance and accept the same with all humility. For man is saved through grace alone and not out of his merits.

The hand of law always makes him a prisoner to bondage where as grace delivers the soul and gives the strength to breath free. The grace of God will lead all humanity into Eternal Peace.

Monday, August 10, 2009


The cosmic Energy is a vital force, is the power that holds the Universe. Call it anyway and it can be reached by the intellect , a subtle mind to one and all without any distinctions. It does not belong to a particular sect a religion. It is hidden within ourselves.

The Absolute Truth is ofcourse, imageless, but the Power of Truth or God-in-action, is a vibratory force pervading everywhere. Its primal manifestations come in the form of Light and Sound (Purusha Suktha).
He is called as the 'Purusha', who always exists for eternity.

The Cosmic Intelligence can be known only by TRUTH alone and there is no other way except the path of LOVE and Honesty.

Time to time many avathars, prophets are born to enlighten our souls, just to lead us towards the goal of God realization. Call them as Masters or Saints they give an experience by helping each soul to rise above the sensory plane. If this contact is established on the super-sensual plane, one can, under the guidance and with the help of their Master, develop it to any extent he may like.

The contact of Light and Sound are the "saving lifelines" within each individual, and the Master who manifests this Light and Sound is called a Savior, a Messiah, or a Prophet, or just as one may wish to call Him.

Hence the Messiah does not show any distinction of caste, creed, sex or religion. His path is to carry all the souls to perfection and help us to realize the power within ourselves and the power of the Creator.

The eternal soul principle - can be known as the Cosmic Intelligence
or Cosmic consciousness is described variously as "Sruti" in the Vedas (that which is heard); "Udgit" in the Upanishads (the Song of the Beyond); "Akash Bani" in Hindu scriptures (Voice or Music from the Sky); "Kalma" or "Kalami-i-Kadim" in Al Quran (Divine Utterance or the Most Ancient Call); "Sraosha" by Zoroaster; "Word" in the Bible; and "Naam" or "Shabd" in the Holy Granth Sahib, the Sikh Scripture.

All humans are cast in the image of God and moulded out of the same substance. Divinity is everywhere, we have to adore and respect every being on this Earth.

Showing compassion to one and all beings, not to hate anyone for all are created in His image alone and have to be honored and loved for the same.

Our life is like a mirage what we perceive we think it to be true. We need to come out of the intoxication and then we will find God hidden with us.

Most of the times we look at life as something and in another angle which makes us forget our true nature. Hence it is with wisdom we can know God and his attributes.

Our mind is always pre-occupied with something or the other, all presumptions and assumptions and we perceive things on this alone. As long as a person has filled himself with samskaras (actions) without God, he can only perceive the world not God.

We through many births though have failed to experience him; we have failed to concentrate our mind to perceive God. We have become one with our sense of perceptions. Hence, it is always said that through the Eye of Buddhi “gyana”, which is subtle and disciplined, we can perceive God, who resides within us and the holy spirit within us leads us in the journey of life and to know his will and who gives us the power to accomplish our task on Earth in the best way.

Call it as the Cosmic Intelligence, Cosmic controller, or the Divine Force all merge into one and only CREATOR – GOD ALMIGHTY who is the benefactor of the entire universe created just by his grace and radiates his splendor and glory.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


The world is governed by a balanced law from time Eternity. Spiritual laws are above human laws and it works without bias, besides the laws created by humans on Earth, there are Laws that govern the entire Creation of God. Laws behind the physical plane of manifestation.

The Law is called 'the Law of Karma'. It is well known in many great Asian cultures. It says in short: "What ever you do to others is coming back to you one day." This Law of Karma applies to all of your thoughts, emotions, fantasy, words and actions.

When you cheat, hurt and do things negative to another soul, anything at the expense or the welfare or health of others, you may suffer the same destiny as you have caused to others. Whatever you do to others is coming back to you. Sooner or later it surely will. This is an absolute law of Creation. It is only that we do not realize the effects of it since it takes sometime for us to view the results and co-relate the same with our thoughts and actions further, we do not want to accept the facts because of our Ego.

The secret to counteract this law is only through - LOVE AND HONESTY.

Jesus has given us a tremendous clue through his wisdom, that we should understand the law with our conscience, and know that we can kill one another with a word, with a glance, or with our will. We can kill without a knife or a gun and he tells us that even these actions and words spoken, that seem so normal, so acceptable, comes under judgment and punishment.

Did he not say - we will reap only what we sow in life. As we do, so shall we reap.

If we continue day after day nursing resentments against our spouse, our co-workers, and continue feeding our anger within our family circle and friends, at every nook and corner way down on the streets right from the sub-way to the freeway, what do you think you are sowing in the field of your life? What seeds are you planting there? What do you expect from those seeds you sown? It's obvious, isn't it? If we plant the seeds of anger, then happiness will not grow there. It's impossible. Yet we expect this!

If we plant the seeds of greed, then contentment will not grow there. It cannot happen that way! If you want to grow green beans you cannot plant a thorn bush, and yet this is exactly what we do, everyday.

Once we deeply comprehend this fact, we can see that we are responsible for the state of our life, we are responsible for the well being of others, we are responsible for everything that we experience in life. Yet, we do not accept the fact, we blame others, everyone else, and we never recognize that the primary person who is at fault for our problems is OURSELVES.

We are all imperfect, with our own unique flaws. Still, we have to make a life together to make our home and life a sweet dwelling place on Earth, interesting and rewarding and the world a beautiful place to live.

You've just got to take each person for what they are, and look for the good in
them. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

Love another soul even with all the flaws for God created them all as he did create You and Me, out of his immense love for us.